We are enthusiastic by presenting you our new CNC-technology. Assuming a digital design file is available it is possible to manufacture 3 dimensional parts by using a 5-axis CNC milling machine.

CNC Services

While small and filigree structures are made with different technologies there is basically no alternative to the use of a CNC milling machine in producing large models. The introduction of our high speed milling machine helped to reduce the operating hours significantly. The travelling distance of the grinder can add up to several kilometres while machining a big piece, thus the time saved could be several days. Since we use our CNC Machining continuously we optimize the whole manufacturing process with every application. The improvements in saving time and manufacturing cost of course are to the best benefits to our customers.

We garantee you quick, complete and high-quality solutions, which are the result of highly skilled and professionally qualified staff, first-rate information technology and practices in compliance with the requirements of ISO standards.


We are able to machine blocks up to the size of  14x4x2,8 m. Furthermore there is the possibility like in a 3D puzzle to compose the final structure from several elements. In the end the maximum dimensions for the transportation will be the limit.

Examples of applications and branches

The size of our milling machines as well as the huge range of materials allow multiple applications. Selected examples are: models, plugs and moulds for composite materials (GRP, CRP); models, moulds and cores for casting; formwork for concretes; prototypes and models for presentations; prototypes and models for research and testing; parts for trades and advertisement; parts for construction and architecture.
Our customers belong to several branches: boat building; automotive; architecture and construction; wind power; design; casting; ship building; wellness/spa (swimming pools, jacuzzis, etc.); advertisement (3D mega structures) and many more.

Product classification

Through the experiences we have we are able to offer you product classification service suitable to european and croatian standards.

You project has not been mentioned?

Some problems require special attention and cannot be described with a few words. We are open to any kind of technical challenge even if that is not part of our standard repertoire.

Try us and we are going to present a solution to fulfil your requirement.

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