3D jumbo models

Every day, at every step and at every minute we are literally surrounded by hundreds of adverts (mega posters, billboards, butterfly panels etc.), and that number is constantly rising. Today it should be crystal clear to everyone in business that the price of a good advert is worth ten times more. A little emotional emphasis and a clearly stated message; this is all you need to achieve the basis for an excellent advert. And with a little flavouring we already have on the table a solution for your new, striking advert.

In the flood of media and amongst static advertising, your target audience is simply unable to recognise your message from the rest. The times of static advertising are now over and thanks to the latest sophisticated methods your desired message can now be VISUALISED.
The solution is: the manufacture and exposure of a mega structure of your product! In order to produce this we use latest robotic technology and the final product, which can be larger than 20 metres in size, is made entirely of lightweight, rigid polyester. The life duration of such mega structures are unlimited, since they are treated with a very durable material and able to resist all weather conditions and unforeseen situations.

Outdoor advertising is the most widespread, universal and the most useful of all today’s methods. Your message reaches your target group visually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because it is only the frequency of visbility/noticeability that brings the impact of a promotional and sales effect, jumbo 3D objects are the very best answer to all doubts. The shape of the jumbo object is an art in itself and the message is forwarded instantaneously. These are the most important seconds.
This effect can be achieved only if your product is visualised by a mega object in a certain location. People generally give their attention to unusually-sized or shocking dimensions. This strategy has proved to be the most effective at several levels. Just think of all the mega objects which have attracted you, whether huge bridges, skyscrapers or mega towers. This principle also inspired the film industry (such as King Kong, etc). It is right on these, verifiable facts and fundamentals that we have created our new innovative advertising technique that will finally plunge conventional billboards into oblivion and enable customers attention to be directed to your jumbo product. Whether we are talking about a deodorant, a can of beer or juice, a carrier bag, a logo or type of food packaging – all of these can be visualised to dimensions of over 20 metres.

People in charge of advertising, whether professionally or not, know that the decision-making reaction takes no more than 5 seconds. If you are able, in those crucial few seconds, to attract, retain and positively animate your customer, then you are well on the way to accelerated sales. Absolutely, this is possible only by using shocking effects, such as with the 3D mega facility in all its glory.
This manner of advertising will increase your visibility and thoroughly separate you from your competitors, which is an excellent start to an improved presentation of your company.

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